I Miss America

I Miss America

I Miss America

I haven’t written a blog here in forever. When Donald Trump got sworn in on January 20th, it felt like the world was going to end.
In a way, I feel like America as we knew it actually did come to an end on January 20th.
I cried that day and felt a deep sadness as I mourned for my country.
I cringed as I saw this sexist, chronic liar, who had spread so much hate put his hand on a bible and take our nations highest honor. How could “we the people” have done this to ourselves?

What we are left with are the smoky remnants of a place that used to be respected. An America where fighting between different races, religions and political parties has reached an all time peak and is boiling over. It seems like everyone is filled with hate and rage toward each other more than ever. Maybe this has been here all along. It’s just now that a man with such little regard for others is in power, that people feel more free to express their sexism, hate, racism and bigotry in big ways.

The Trump fans seem like lost souls to me-fearful of anything and anyone they think is different than what they think is normal or ok. They wanted change from the establishment, but didn’t realize they were hurting themselves in the process. Change can be good. But not this change. This change is like trading a fresh organic burger for a smelly rotten beef patty, covered in mold, that will make you shit blood.
I’m sure soon enough the ones who haven’t already admitted that they voted for a total train wreck will see the light. This isn’t about political party anymore-this man has embarrassed our country and tarnished the reputation of the USA so badly that i’m not sure we can ever recover. It’s time that the GOP jumped ship and turned it’s back on Trump & Co. The Republican party will destroy itself from the inside out if they don’t soon. Everyone working in the government has committed to a life serving the USA and its people. There is no question that this President is not doing that. Why is no one taking a stronger stand? It makes me feel very helpless to standby and watch. It’s like a building is burning down with people inside and the firemen are just watching You Tube.

It boggles my mind that Trump has yet to be impeached, with more and more evidence coming to light regarding the treason which I firmly believe he committed.
I hope we can look back on this and laugh someday, but right now i’m scared that we won’t have a country to even look back from. This idiot is going to get us all killed with his irresponsible tweets and reckless political decisions.
Given that it has been confirmed the Russians interfered to elect Trump it seems like we should have a redo of our election. I know this is a pipe dream, but this has NEVER happened before in the history of our elections, so why is no one fighting for it? (It was also a pipe dream for a reality TV star with no political experience to be elected President and THAT happened-so why not?)

As a women in my thirties, I have always felt like America would be ok, but i’m not so sure anymore. It feels like everything our founding fathers worked for and what so many men and women have served and died for is being destroyed before my eyes.

I miss America. This is not what we stand for. We are better than this man.

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