The Mystery of Stephen King’s Halloween Candy

The Mystery of Stephen King’s Halloween Candy

The Mystery of Stephen King’s Halloween Candy

Halloween is my very favorite holiday ever. I love it more than Christmas, The 4th of July, or Thanksgiving. When I was a kid Halloween was a huge deal for me. When I was really little, my Mom always spent many hours hand making my costumes. Usually they were pretty good, accept the one year she dressed me as a firecracker with the wick on my head as a hat and no one knew what the fuck I was supposed to be.

 Growing up in Maine, Halloween was usually really cold. That often meant wearing a coat over my costume which was no fun. It also meant that I was from a state very famous for certain things like it’s lobster, lighthouses, L.L. Bean, and it’s most famous writer; Stephen King.
 I was at school the first time I overheard a few kids talking about having gone trick or treating at Stephen Kings house. They said that he had these massive, towering fences with spiders and bats all over them and that he gave them FULL SIZE candy bars. My jaw dropped.
On Halloween I usually got popcorn balls, dum dums, some mini chocolates and smarties. Sometimes I got lucky when my grandparents wouldn’t get enough trick or treaters, and they would give me all their extra loot. But never in my life had I gotten a full size candy bar in my candy bag. I didn’t know much about Stephen King at that age, aside from the fact that my Uncle Jesse did jury duty with him once and got a first edition copy of “IT” autographed to my Mom.
 That Halloween I asked my Mom if I could go to Stephen King’s house to trick or treat. Since his house was over an hour drive from where we lived, she told me it was way to far. I continued to hear this taunting candy bar legend throughout my childhood. By the time I was too old to trick or treat anymore I had still never gotten to verify that this story was indeed true, nor had I ever gotten a full sized candy bar in my trick or treat bag.

As an adult, I still wonder if this every actually happened. Tonight I googled to try and find any stories about this and came back with 0. According to his official website, he no longer hosts trick or treaters because A few times and we had 600 or 800 – one time we had 1,400 people show up for candy and treats and it’s fun, it’s great to see everyone, but it wears everybody out and it plays hell with the law so we’re not doing that anymore.” 

So Maine people, can anyone verify if they ever got a full sized candy bar from Stephen King’s house on Halloween? Or is this just an urban legend?

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